High Quality Factory Price Thermal Fogger TS-35A(H) Mosquito Disinfection Control Fogging Machine

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Thermal Fogger TS-35A (H) Design Is Thermal Fogger Spray A Flame, Spray A Sterilizing Blaze About 3 Feet (1 M) Long At End Of The Fogging Tube. The High-Temperature Blaze Can Kill The Viruses And Other Biological Threats, Such As Bird-Flu, Foot And Mouth Disease Etc
We Supply Thermal Fogging Machine TS-35A (H) Model Together With Accessories Including Different Dosage Nozzles, Tool Bag, Spare Parts, Funnels Etc, To 100% Guarantee Customer Can Use the Machine More Than 8 Years Service
Thermal fogger TS-35A(H) is also called Flame model. It is a Light weight and easy to use thermal fogging sprayer with uniform spray that optimizes the delivery of sprayed chemical to prevent waste.
Thermal Fogger TS-35A(H) Model is a powerful fogger machine,
TS-35A(H) Model product line offers yet another option for Public Health officials and other industry professionals.
Thermal Fogger TS-35A(H) Model has fire type spray machine to control all type pest & virus control.


Thermal Fogger Machine TS-35A (H) Model Is Used for farms and livestock disinfection: Swine, poultry house, cattle-barn, etc.
Sprays Pesticides - Mosquito Control (Dengue Fever, Malaria Control, Health Protection, Sanitation Professionals, Pest Control and To Kill the Corona Virus Control.
Sprays Disinfections - Use In Farms, Food Processing Plants, Public Health, Factory Cleaning, Camp-Grounds, Grain Mills And More.


Technical specification

Weight, empty

8 Kg

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1440 x 270×315 mm

Weight, empty (shipping data)

11.2 Kg

Dimensions (L x W x H),(shipping data)

1288 x 310 x 360 mm

Solution tank capacity

5 L

Fuel tank capacity

1.5 L

Fuel consumption

1.5 -2 L/h

Performance of combustion chamber

13.8-18.2 Kw / 18.8-24.8 Hp

The length of blaze

>3 m

Battery electricity

4 x1.5 V

Pressure in chemical tank

0.25 bar

Pressure in fuel tank

0.06 bar

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