Outdoor Sanitization Truck-Mounted ULV Cold Fogger LR-4P Model Best Mosquito Pest Control

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Truck-Mounted ULV Cold Fogger LR-4P With Excellent Atomization, Quick Diffusion
Truck Mounted ULV Cold Fogger LR-4P Creates Dense Fog Penetrate Into Spaces And Lingers In Air For Longer Time.
Mounted On Truck, Small Can Mount On Any Vehicle, Machine Pedestal Also Equipped With Wheel, Can Pulley While Spraying.
Truck-Mounted ULV Cold Fogger LR-4P Will Suit For Spray Both Indoor/Outdoor Applications
Equipped With Remote Control System To Operate The Unit From Driver Cabin, Avoid Exposure To Chemicals.
Adjustable Spray Heads Ensure Spraying Direction Is Variable,
Longray Truck-mounted ULV Cold Fogger LR-4P Is in Action & Our Product Will Help to Eliminate Pest Control & Kill the Virus Fastly without Side Effect
Truck-mounted ULV Cold Fogger LR-4P Model Products Will Give The 100% Guarantee To Keep For Public Health Safe Living at Environment
Longray Truck-mounted ULV Cold Fogger is Best Weapon for Outdoor Disinfection Service in the World
We Have Approved From Certification. ISO 9001.2008, CE and World Health Organization (WHO)
Our Longray Products Will Help For Public Health Protection & Our Longray Product Will Keep The City & World In Safe & Clear Environment
Manual Control Type: Swivel 360 Degree Both Horizontally, 180 Degree Vertically.
Remote Control Type: Automatically Swivel 360 Degree Horizontally, 180 Degree Vertically.

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Model:LR-4P(4 nozzles install on 4 spray head)


LR 4P machine spraying city tree


Truck-Mounted ULV Cold Fogger Can Spray All Type O Chemicals, Used For Public Health Protection, Disinfection, Vector Control, Pest Control, Crops Protection,
Truck-Mounted ULV Cold Fogger Suit For Spray Both Indoor And Outdoor Environment, Such As In Theatre, Stadium, Transportation Center, Greenhouse, Garden, Etc.
Truck-Mounted ULV Cold Fogger Use In Farms, Food Processing Plants, Public Health, Factory Cleaning, Camp-Grounds, Home And More.

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