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Thermal Fogger TS-75L Model Is A Universal High-Performance Fog Generator Spray Water Based Chemicals, Whether Stationary In Closed Space or Mounted On Vehicle For Indoor Application,
TS-75L Model Unit Is Designed For The Use With All Common Insecticides And Disinfectants For Livestock Disinfection And Stored Products Control
TS-75L Model is Easy To Start Up, Operate and Maintain, Also Access to Spare Parts and Technical Support.
Thermal Fogger TS-75L Model Is Higher Flow Rate Up To 80 L/ H (Oil) And Effective Treatments Indoors And Can Choose Install A 25L External Chemical Tank, Bigger Capacity Chemicals Tank.
We Have Approved From Certification. ISO 9001.2008, CE and World Health Organization (WHO)
Thermal Fogger TS-75L Model Is 3 Layers Protecting Shield, 2 Stage Cooling System, Lower Down Temperature Of The Fogging Tube And Combustion Chamber, When Machine Working, Even Can Tough The Protecting Shield Of Machine, More Safety To Customer.
TS-75L Model Have Been Equipped With Automatic Igniter, Just Directly Pump The Machine, No Need Press Down Any Ignition Button Can Quickly Start Up Machine.


Thermal Fogger TS-75L Can Dispense Both Water And Oil Based Chemicals.
Livestock Disinfection Dispense Disinfectants, Deodorants, Germicides, And Insecticides, Sanitize The Animal Housing Environments Of Livestock, Poultry And Other Animals
Sprays Pesticides - Dispense Insecticides, Fungicides And Pesticides For Crops Protection And Mosquito Control (Dengue Fever, Malaria Control, Health Protection,Sanitation Professionals, Pest Control And To Kill The Virus Control.
Sprays Disinfections - Use In Farms, Food Processing Plants, Public Health, Factory Cleaning, Camp-Grounds, Grain Mills And More.


Technical Specification

Weight, empty

9.50 kg

Dimensions( L x W x H)

1305 x 290 x 360 mm

Weight, empty (shipping data)


Dimensions (L x W x H),(shipping data)

1330 x 310 x 400 mm

Chemical tank capacity

5 L

Fuel tank capacity

1.5 L

Fuel consumption

1.5 -2 L/h

Performance of combustion chamber

18.6 Kw / 25.2 Hp

Flow rate

8-80 L/h

Battery electricity

4 x1.5V

Pressure in chemical tank


Pressure in fuel tank


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