2021 New ULV Cold Fogger 2680A-II Model High Quality Disinfection ULV Cold Fogger Machine

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2680A Series ULV Cold Fogger With High Level Quality, Long Life Use, More Competent For Handle Heavy Duty Work.
We Only Choose Best Quality Material Production, Such As Motor Imported From USA, Flexible Hose Imported From Germany.
ULV Cold Fogger 2680A Model has More Perfect Find Fog Droplet Size, Excellent Atomization.
Sprays Pesticides - Mosquito Control (Dengue Fever, Malaria Control, Health Protection, Sanitation Professionals, Pest Control And To Kill The Virus Control
Sprays Disinfections - Use In Farms, Food Processing Plants, Public Health, Factory Cleaning, Camp-Grounds, Home, Garden And More

Technical Specification

Electrical motor

800W, 220VAC/50Hz,(Optional)


swirl nozzle

Particle size

5-30 micron VMD, adjustable

Flow rate

0-29 L/h, adjustable

Tank capacity

6 L

Dimensions(L x W x H )

420 x 200 x 340 mm

Weight, empty

4.2 Kg

Dimensions in mm (L x W x H), (shipping data)

450 x 230 x 360 mm

Weight, empty (shipping data)

5.2 Kg

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